Africa Model United Nations entertains issues pertaining to the African continent only, although it is open to the participation and cooperation of students from around the world. The selected issues were/are among the Major agendas of the UN
About Us
Despite the presence of multiple Model UN conferences at College/University, National and even Regional levels in Africa, the idea of bringing students in general and African students in particular from around the world to single forum to discuss and resolve the continent’s issues have never been realized before AfrO|MUN.
AfrO|MUN, which has been founded and organized by MUNASTU, aspires to promote the goal and mission behind the foundation and establishment of Model United Nations: to bring together like-minded and goal oriented youth possessing the capacity to resolve issues through diplomatic negotiations.
We have a vision of all African students around the world coming and working together in one accord towards the achievement of the most vibrant MUN experience. To stand collectively, debate on pressing issues facing the continent and strive together for creative, innovative solutions for Africa’s problems and to show the creativity and passion the youth of Africa has for a better Continent.
As a platform
Our approach
Our vision
Our objective
Is to hold a successful International conference which serves as a platform for the empowerment of African students. The conference shall serve as a forum in which African students from colleges/ universities around the world can meet and discuss some of the challenges facing the continent today while creatively taking positions as leaders and coming up with solutions to some of the problems raised for discussion by engaging in constructive, intellectually stimulating debates. Additionally, the conference aims to encourage intercultural dialogue, and promote solidarity of African students all over the world in an attempt to nurture existing friendships as well as create new networks around the world.
Africa Model United Nations Board of Directors is the managing body of the AfrO|MUN annual conference. The Board is responsible to choose the suitable host team for each year's conference. To find a well suited team with the conference standards, the Board asseses and examines the bid documents presented by any interested bidders.
AfrO|MUN Board of Directors
" AfrO|MUN will allow a delegate to engage in debatable matters and come up with practical solutions, while simulating the UN profoundly at its best. This annual conference, being global and complex, require compromise or consensus in order to prepare solid solutions. The Board will be operating to make the conference a better and collaborative Model UN conferences of the world. "
" AfrO|MUN board have given the 2016 conference hosting honor to Kenyan team in USIU. Team 2016 is working with a great effort to keep the conference vision and make the conference a continental event owned by all Africans to service and nurture young diplomats of the continent. "
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Board of trustees
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Ambassador David Kikaya (Former Kenya Ambassador, USIU lecturer and Deputy Chairman - Maendeleo Kenya)

Ms. Eshlla Maravanyika (Deputy Director of UNIC for Kenya, Uganda and Seychelles)

Dr. Fatma Ali (Senior lecturer at USIU)

Mr. Vincent Rapando (Private Sector philanthropy support)

Mr. Abiy Shimelis (Addis Ababa University representative and 2015 AfroMun Secretary General)

Mr. Nabil Omar (USIU representative and Chief Advisor to the 2016 AfroMun ad-hoc committee)